Industrial sharpening has been our business for over 30 years, we follow your project from conception to quality control

Industrial sharpening: custom design and machining

We strive every day to improve your productivity and profitability through special tools of the highest quality. Thanks to our 30 years of experience and our proven network of suppliers, we are able to manage every stage of your tool manufacturing process. Made-to-measure machining, customised in every component.

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Sharpening has always been our flagship. Starting from a drawing or replicating a sample, from one-offs to large batches, we produce any type of geometry. Our air-conditioned metrology room is equipped with the latest measuring instruments. Thanks to its enormous potential, it allows us to carry out all the dimensional checks on a prototype; indispensable for the production of inserts according to a sample provided to us. After careful analysis of the customer’s needs, we will determine which stage of the process to work on.

Material design and selection

The creation of a new product is based on two complementary pillars: the design of the insert and its tool, and the selection of the construction material. Our specialised technical office, equipped with the latest 2D/3D design software, is able to provide the most accurate simulations in order to create a tool with maximum precision and accuracy.

Production of the blank and finishing

From theory to practice. The production of the blanks is entrusted to carefully selected partners with whom we have a long-standing relationship. Then we enter the finishing phase: from levelling to rounding the cutting edge if necessary; not forgetting the sharpening we have already mentioned.

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Coating and marking

Often unfairly underestimated, coating is a fundamental process in the manufacture of a cutting tool. TMD endeavours to provide you with the most appropriate coating to significantly increase tool life and performance. Marking returns the finished product.

Quality Control

Any tool produced by TMD is subject to strict quality controls by dedicated professionals. On request, we can provide additional documents that certify the quality of our work, such as dimensional reports and/or test certificates.

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