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CNC sharpening machines, Manual sharpening machines and metrology room

Innovation and technical updating are the key of our work and allow us to continuously expand our offerings. Constant and careful research into the most advanced machinery and control instruments allows us to maintain very high quality standards. To date, our machine park can count on more than 20 CNC sharpening machines and 10 manual sharpening machines, making TMD one of the most complete Italian companies in the sector.

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CNC Sharpening machines

At TMD we have more than 20 CNC (Computer Numerical Control) sharpening machines, which are necessary to ensure today’s sharpening quality standards. CNC machines make it possible to machine any type of material quickly and precisely. Half of our machine park is equipped with an on-machine measuring system and integrated robots for loading and unloading parts.

Our CNC sharpening department is as complete and versatile as can be found in Italy today and is equipped with, among other things:


  • 7 4-axis sharpening machines for peripheral grinding
  • 2 5-axis sharpening machines for peripheral grinding and profile machining
  • 9 6-axis sharpening machines

Manual sharpening machines

Manual dexterity and the ability to take a critical approach to the execution of a special workpiece are still the hallmarks that characterise the staff in our manual sharpening department.

Evolution and innovation do not make us forget the origins of our work, which have allowed us to grow and consolidate as a company on a national level. Our hand-operated machines are still the most suitable solution for the production of very small batches or one-offs in a very short time.

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Polishing machines

Polishing machines are essential for honing and polishing processes thanks to the contribution of two Gerber controlled polishing machines, we can guarantee a constant rounding of the cutting edge or, if necessary, the right surface roughness for applications such as aluminium machining.

Metrology room

To ensure a continuous increase in the quality standards required by the end user, we decided to equip ourselves with an internal metrology room, with constant temperature and humidity, to guarantee the customer the conformity of the parts produced. 

For our tool testing and verification operations we have equipped ourselves with the latest technology in the field of metrology:


  • Nikon VMA-2520 multi-sensor measuring system
  • Keyence IM-7000 image measuring system
  • Mitutoyo CV-2000 contracer profilometer
  • Speroni STPmagis 400 tool measuring and registration system
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