Indexable inserts

We design and manufacture special indexable inserts for all types of machining operations


Our solutions developed with inserts of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses all aim to increase your productivity and increase tool life in chip removal machining operations made on the lathe. Thanks to the characteristics of our inserts, you can turn all types of materials at their best, achieving the desired results in terms of chip removal, tool life and surface finish.

Milling & Drilling

When it comes to milling, it is important to use products that reduce machining time and costs. Similarly, in order to achieve a reliable and precise drilling operation, it is necessary to use tools that make it quick and easy to drill into metals of any composition and hardness.

Our indexable inserts optimise wear and allow you to work reliably and safely, guaranteeing maximum performance. We supply all types of milling and drilling tools to help you increase your productivity in total safety by meeting your specific application requirements.

Boring, Threading & Reaming

Accurate and safe threading, reaming and boring requires tools that make machining fast and easy on materials of any composition and hardness. With our expertise, we can structure the most suitable project for your application.

Our products will maximise your productivity in tapping operations as well as lathe and milling operations. TMD’s indexable inserts will minimise your costs by allowing you to achieve the level of quality required by your customers regardless of the shape of the thread to be machined.

Parting off & Grooving

To avoid common problems that occur during parting and grooving operations such as high vibration levels, unsatisfactory surface finishes, tool breakage and chip clogging, you need the right tools and the right machine set-up. Our parting and grooving cutting tools, custom-designed by our team of experts, ensure that you improve your productivity and profitability; regardless of the material or component size or surface finish requirement.

The choice of materials

Basic knowledge of each cutting material and its performance is important in making the correct selection. Consideration should be given to the workpiece material, the type and shape of the component, the machining conditions and the level of surface finish desired for each operation. The selection of materials and cutting grades is an important step in planning a chip removal operation. This is the first stage of an integrated custom design process.

That is why at TMD we offer a complete range of materials with which to make your tools:


  • Carbide
  • Coated carbide (PVD and CVD)
  • Cermet
  • Ceramic
  • Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (pCBN)
  • Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)
  • High-speed steel (HSS)


Slotting operations are always extremely burdensome and frustrating, with constant hassle and unexpected problems. Our tailor-made solutions will provide you with a stable and safe process for your slotting work.

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